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The Little Prince and the Big Snake

Hi blog. Snakes top Wild in Japan’s search item hits, so it stands to reason that the more posts about snakes I write, the more hits I get. However, one does not simply walk into material for writing serpentine-themed posts.  Well, … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams and Life Imitates Art

Hi blog. This winter had been warmer than usual – ski resorts were having to resort to snow machines, ice smelt fishing areas remained closed due to lakes not freezing over, and golf courses unexpectedly found themselves open for business. … Continue reading

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The White Hare of Inaba & Crocodiles vs. Sharks

So this Deity Master-of-the-Great-Land had eighty Deities his brethren; but they all left the land to the Deity Master-of-the-Great-Land.  The reason for their leaving it was this: Each of these eighty Deities had in his heart the wish to marry … Continue reading

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