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Season’s Croakings

25 Dec

Hi blog.

Just a quick, mostly visual post this time.

This post involves a mistake I never got around to correcting.  You may possibly remember a post from several years back in which I mentioned obtaining a pair of tadpoles that metamorphosed into what I thought were kajika frogs.

The first one to morph died soon afterward, but the second is still with us.  However, I have consulted several books on the subject and come the the conclusion that it is not a kajika frog but in fact a Japanese brown frog (Rana japonica), or Nihon akagaeru (日本赤蛙) – literally “Japanese red frog” in the local language.

(There is a very slight chance that it the physically similar montane brown frog (Rana ornativentris), but this will require time to get a good look at it – the frog tends to spend a lot of its time hiding.)

You may be wondering why I’m writing about a frog in winter – it should be hibernating, right?

Normally, yes.  But frogs will become active even in mid-winter if the weather is warm enough.  And December 22nd and 23rd brought us that kind of weather.  The forecast for the 22nd – incidentally the last day of term 2 at school – was for temperatures topping out at about 17℃ before moist air brought rain.  The warm temperatures didn’t come although the rain did.  It rained heavily late in the night – trust me, I was walking through it – through to the early hours of the morning.  The 23rd, however, brought that warm change, and the frog became active in the warm (-ish) humid weather.



“Get that camera out of my face!”


You can see some of the stripes on the legs and the yellow on the underbelly.

You can see some of the stripes on the legs and the yellow on the underbelly.


They have beautiful eyes, eh?

They have beautiful eyes, eh?

I might not see this little chap again until spring.

Until next time, stay safe.


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