Track This!

Hi blog.

I’m writing a (miraculous?) third post for this month. This one will be very short, based again on a “stumbled upon” moment.

I got a phone call from a friend asking if I would like to go to the river to catch some fish. Having obtained permission for myself and the youngest, we went off on Sunday morning.

Instead of being a fishing trip per se, it was checking out some irrigation channels around rice paddies, which are a haven for aquatic life. We caught a number of fish and shrimp, plus some aquatic snails, which we would divide between us. My friend’s primary interest, however, is turtles, and we went through some dry channels to rescue turtles that had fallen in and were unable to escape. I think we rescued six or seven turtles.

Looking into one channel with some wet mud in it, I immediately noticed two very distinct sets of footprints.

The focus is on the deep set of prints in the middle moving from the top of the frame to the bottom. Notice that there are four toes with long claws. To the left of the frame you can see one of the other prints.
This set shows both the front and rear foot prints of a different animal. Note that there a five long toes on each foot.

Can you guess which animals made them? As a hint, one of them is a native animal, the other is a feral species, and both have appeared in this blog before.

Answers in the comments, please.

Answer: The prints in the top photo belong to a raccoon dog, the ones in the lower photo belong to a raccoon.

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6 Responses to Track This!

  1. tom says:

    civet and raccoon dog

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