The Sting

Hi blog.

I’m in a particularly busy cycle right now, with both sports day and the English speech contest coming up, which means I’m leaving for work earlier and coming home later.

I’ve been meaning to write about hornets for some time – they are not only a staple of summer-autumn wildlife, they are the wildlife in Japan most likely to kill you.  That said, I have removed several from classrooms without incident and also very recently “took out” one that appeared in the middle of a group during a meeting, before it could cause any panic.

Then this appeared on the evening news and in the Japan Times the next day.

Hornets sting over 110 runners in Gifu marathon

Hornets sting over 110 runners in Gifu marathon


 SEP 11, 2016

Medical personnel said 115 people taking part in a marathon Sunday in Hida, Gifu Prefecture, were stung by hornets, but no one suffered serious allergic reactions.

The runners were treated by doctors and ambulance attendants who were on standby along the marathon route, according to police.

A nest of yellow hornets was found under a bridge located along the route, firefighters said.

The runners were among 697 participants in the half-marathon section of the race, the event’s organizer said. A total of 1,539 runners took part in the event.

Article ends.

To add a bit of sting, another two days would pass until the nest was removed.

Local wisdom holds that while a first sting is extremely painful, being stung a second time is likely to kill you by anaphylactic shock.

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6 Responses to The Sting

  1. always interesting things you have to tell us. thanks for taking the time to post

  2. always interesting for sure thanks for making time to write

  3. Oh, my! It looks close enough, but… does Nagoya have the same problem with hornets? Curious, because that’s probably there city I’m moving to in a couple of years.

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