The Hatching

Hi blog.

You may remember some months back I found the ootheca of a praying mantis.

Well, today we got the results!


I was outside this afternoon when I noticed a tiny mantid on the fly screen wire.  I had glanced at the case in which I stored the ootheca this morning, but didn’t see any marked changes at that time.  

I quickly went over to the case and found at least two dozen baby mantids.

“And I shall name this one Robert…”

Time for a quick photo before releasing them – I hoped to disperse them over a wide area to reduce the chances of them cannibalising.

Cute, aren’t they?

Best of luck, my little hatchlings.

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5 Responses to The Hatching

  1. njmagas says:

    Cute!! Seeing the adult mantises in the summer was one of the things I always looked forward to in my morning hikes. Last year we had one living in our flower bush. It was in there every morning, waiting for the flies to come.

    One an unrelated note, I’ve left Japan! I’ve gone back home to Canada and I miss it already, so I’ll have to get my fill of Japanese nature through you. 🙂

  2. I zoomed in on your pix – cute they are indeed! Perfect little miniatures.

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