The Bear Truth

Hi blog.

Just for a change of pace, something which didn’t make the English language news.

On October 17 and 18, a hiker in the mountains around the border of Fukuoka and Saga reported sighting a “bear-like animal”.

Bears have been extinct on Kyushu for over 50 years, so this caused some excitement.

Police were dispatched to examine the area.  Animal researchers confirmed from faeces samples collected by the police that the animal was… a Japanese badger!

A Japanese black bear. Photo taken from Tokyo Zoo Net.


A Japanese badger. It bears no resemblance to bears, do you not think? Photo also from Tokyo Zoo Net.

I hate to badger on, but how much can one bear?

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One Response to The Bear Truth

  1. Olga Petko says:

    Some people can’t tell apart white storks and white pelicans even.

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