Stuck in the middle

So much I could blog about, so much I haven’t blogged about…

Just over a week has passed since that sudden eruption on Mt. Ontake – Japan’s deadliest in the post-war era – that claimed over 50 lives, all of them climbers.  If the weather had been bad, the death toll would have been zero.

Right now, Typhoon 18 is making its way eastward, and is expected to make a direct hit on the Kanto region.  Various locales can expect flooding, landslides and the usual damage typhoons on this scale bring.

School is closed for the students, but staff are expected to show up.  And I have to record the listening tests for tomorrow!!

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3 Responses to Stuck in the middle

  1. njmagas says:

    Good luck and stay safe. The typhoon just brushed us with some heavy wind and a bit of rain. Hopefully it decides to just glance off your area too.

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