A Peek into Hell and Big Buddhas

Hi blog.

Just a few pictures from Nogogiriyama, where we visited during our (rushed) trip to Chiba during Golden Week.

The crowds, steepness of the stairs (for some, not me) and emergency calls of nature (again, not me!) prevented us from having a thorough look around the Nihon-ji complex, so I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

I believe this is the true “View into Hell”. For some reason, most activities in Japan during a holiday period tend to look like this.

The Great Buddha.  Originally carved in 1783, weathering and erosion necessitated reconstruction over three years from 1966; it is now 31 metres tall – about seven metres shorter than its original height.

The Hyakushaku Kannon.  Completed in 1966 after six years, it is dedicated to the war dead and transit safety.

Trying to frame the Kannon wasn’t easy.  As its name suggests, it is 100 shaku tall, about 30 metres.

Jigoku Nozoki – literally “Peek into Hell”.  Unfortunately, the queue was too long to even consider taking a peek.  (I reckon the real peek into hell would be looking back into the queues!)

It was certainly worth visiting, and I would like to go again someday (minus the crowds) for a proper look around.

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