Spring has Sprung

Hi blog.

The first week or so of March was largely “Winter version 2.0”, but we’ve finally got to the point where most days have a maximum in the teens.

Apart from the increase in temperature – I no longer have to wear two layers of thermal underwear – and the ume and early cherry blossom, there are other signs of spring.

Such as ploughing the fields.  (Regular readers will remember the dust storms last year created by ploughing without sowing cover crops)

Seeding dust storms?

The north winds can be strong – particularly when I’m cycling to work.  And sometimes the unexpected happens…

Umm… I think that is supposed to be in your field, not in the power cables…

On March 17th, a much neglected birthday, I spotted my first turtle for the year.

A large Mississippi red-eared slider suns itself on a warm afternoon.

But, most importantly, the Bureau of Meteorology declared late last night that Haru Ichiban – the third-latest since recordings started in 1951 – had finally hit the Kanto region.

Spring has truly sprung.

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