Like a scene from Alien vs. Predator… only for real.

An orb-weaver spider has set up home in the mandarin tree in our tiny garden.  Praying mantises also take advantage of the greenery and the insects it attracts.

What happens when two ambush hunters meet?






(In this case, nothing.  The mantis didn’t walk into the spider’s web, and the spider didn’t get within striking range of the mantis.)

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3 Responses to Faceoff

  1. I remember watching a large praying mantis snatch a dragonfly out of midair. The praying mantis was out on the handrail of a footbridge in a park, and I remember thinking, why is it out in such an exposed place. Then WHAM, it reached up and grabbed a very large dragonfly out of midair. Now that was a real clash of predators and the mantis won.

    • wildinjapan says:

      Thanks for the comment Charles.

      Praying mantises have been known to prey upon small reptiles! I omitted that one from my post on lizards and snakes, but it’s true.

      When you say a very large dragonfly, do you mean the type known as yanma? I imagine it would take a large mantis to bring one of those down.

      Incidently, the spider has disappeared from the tree. I can only imagine some predator got it.

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