Fotos of Fuji

Just a few photos from our recent camping trip.

The first few photos were taken at Oshino Hakkai, a collection of 8 natural springs in Oshino village, Yamanashi prefecture.  The springs are connected by a system of caves, and are known for their clarity.

Old water wheel at Okamaike, the first spring at Oshino Hakkai.

Although several metres deep, you can still see the fish and the coins on the bottom of this spring. Unfortunately, the weather became overcast so I wasn’t able to capture the brilliant emerald colour the springs take on in full sunlight. And the water is too cold to warrant diving in to collect all those ¥1 coins.

This spring is some 8 metres deep. On the right is a souvenir shop (one of the less tacky ones I’ve seen) and directly in the rear is a working waterwheel-powered mill. It was milling buckwheat that morning.

The main spring, souvenir shop, waterwheel and Mt. Fuji. Places like this have been receiving more tourists since Mt. Fuji’s World Heritage listing.

Look at the sattelite photo below. The marker in the north-eastern section of the map shows the location of Oshino Hakkai.

Our campsite, however, was in part of Fujinomiya City, on the other side of Mt. Fuji, near Lake Tanuki.  (That’s the other marker)

As viewed from the other side… Mt. Fuji taken from Lake Tanuki.

The route from the expressway to Lake Tanuki brought back some fond memories… we crossed the path which Ian and I used back in 2002 on our crazy hike from Lake Motosu (That’s the large lake on at the top left of the map) to the summit of Mt. Fuji. Most climbers start from one of the 5th stations, about HALF WAY up the mountain.

The urge to climb was hard to resist…

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