The Heat is Off

Today is shubun no hi (秋分の日), the (northern hemisphere) autumnal equinox.

I’m a tad disappointed, as this day is a public holiday – but it’s a Saturday, so it doesn’t affect me!  Had the equinox fallen on a Sunday, we would have gotten the Monday off…

In my last post I talked about the lingering heat, and we still had temperatures reaching the 30℃ mark very recently.

Then it started raining heavily yesterday evening continuing on and off through the night, and it is raining as I type this, and the forcast for tomorrow is – you guessed it – rain.

The rain certainly has taken the temperature down.

Folklore has it that no heat will last after the autumn higan, and this year looks to to be proving it true again.

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2 Responses to The Heat is Off

  1. GOAT 山羊 says:

    Beautiful time of year over here in Korea. And in just a few short minutes I’ll be off to enjoy it with an afternoon hike. Mid-term exams means the school becomes a ghost town after the tests, right about…now.

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