Wild in Australia

I’m tempted to title this post “Things you can photograph with a proper camera”.  The best ones turned out to be videocaps, thanks largely to the more powerful zoom on the video camera.

I would like to have taken more nature shots, but my wife seems to think that taking photos without the kids in the frame is inherently wrong…

Anyway, none of these involved going off the beaten track.  For example, this photo was taken just outside Goolwa, near the barrage.

A water hen and egret.

This one was taken at the barrage, where overflow from the Murray River is released into the sea.

A pair of seals – I think Australian fur seals – on the barrage. There were about 30 of these animals playing around the barrage, no doubt enjoying the fish that make it out.

We could have gotten a shot like this almost anywhere – the Gold Coast was full of them!

A rainbow lorikeet in a banksia tree. We saw many of these in South Australia, and flocks in the dozens at the Gold Coast.

Our trip to the Riverland – Lyrup, Renmark, Loxton and Berri – gave us a different view of river wildlife.

This appears to be a pied cormorant, which tend to hang around estuaries rather than rivers.

This one was a good catch…

A heron with its catch.

And the sunset on the river is wonderful.

A cormorant and dart by sunset.

A return to Goolwa and a day trip to Victor Harbor.

A rainbow near the Bluff, an old lookout for 19th century whalers.

We went across to Granite Island in the hope of seeing penguins. We weren’t in luck – it seems that the penguin population has plummeted. Seals may be partly responsible.
But instead we saw this:

A southern right whale at play, about 1 km off Granite Island.

Two whales?

It was a good trip.

I hope to have some more wildlife from suburban Japan coming soon.

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