More things you might see when you don’t have a camera

A brief collection of random things I photographed with my mobile phone, all in one morning on a slightly different work route.

There were sunflowers over two metres tall…

A sunflower. Known locally as “himawari” (向日葵)


Welcome to the jungle [cue Guns N’ Roses]

♫…Down in the jungle…♫

Taro fields…

Taro is a major crop in Sayama, particularly the Mizuno and Horigane areas.

Another taro field, with irrigation in action.

Great purple emperors (Sasakia charonda) or omurasaki (大紫), Japan’s national butterfly…

Japan’s national butterfly.

A closer shot of a purple emperor.

… which were sometimes battling various beetles for the best feeding position on an oak tree…

Pole position… beetles (the black ones here are female rhinoceros beetles) and butterflies scrambling to get the sap of an oak tree.

beetles vs. butterflies

Not to mention a male rhinoceros beetle graveyard…

The beetles’ graveyard.

Heads will roll… the remains of a male rhinoceros beetle.

And a cicada carapace discarded on a gutter.

Cicadas live burried for up to two years as nymphs before emerging, moulting and surviving for about a week as adults.

And all in a day’s work!

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