Quiz – Who’s Been Here

Hi, blog.

A quiz for my fellow fans of Japanese critters – animal tracks.

But first, a joke:

Three blondes were walking along a trail when they encountered a set of tracks.

“I know what these are!”, exclaimed the first blonde.  “They’re fox tracks.”

“No, they’re not.”, replied the second blonde.  “They’re rabbit tracks.”

Before the third blonde could say anything, they all got hit by a train.

Here are ten animal footprints.  Look at them carefully and see if you can guess what animal made them.

The animals are:

  • hare
  • black bear
  • dog
  • raccoon dog
  • deer
  • cat
  • fox
  • wild pig
  • badger
  • squirrel

Good luck!

No. 1. Hint: Count the number of toes and note the shape of the claws

No. 2. What kind of foot is this?

No. 3.  Note that the print is somewhat more delicate than No. 2.

No. 4.  This should be easy…

No. 5.  Note the long toes – useful for…

No. 6. Hint: familiar

No. 7. Sometimes confused with No. 6, but there is a VERY important difference.

No. 8. Again, count the toes (I’ve mentioned this animal a couple of times on this blog)

No. 9. Regular followers of this blog should be able to guess!

No. 10. Hint: a distant relative of No. 6 and No. 9.

Post a comment with your answers!

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3 Responses to Quiz – Who’s Been Here

  1. madoka says:

    I am sorry …

    So, No. 4 is hare ?

    No. 5 is squirrel
    No. 6 is dog and No. 7 is cat.
    No. 8 is budger ?
    No. 9 raccoon dog
    And No. 10 is Fox !

    Perfect ?

  2. madoka says:

    I got it for hint.

    No 1,is maybe…black bear
    No 2 wild pig
    No 3 deer
    No 4 is not easy …
    Rubbit ?but It’s no choice.

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