Get Wild!

wildlife /ˈwʌɪl(d)lʌɪf/ n. L19. [f. WILD a. + LIFE n.]  the native fauna and flora of a region, freq spec. the fauna only

The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, p. 3686

It is often hard to think of “Japan” and “wildlife” as belonging in the same sentence.

Despite the frequently-cited Japanese love for nature, a huge portion of one of the world’s most urbanised populations does its best to avoid nature.  They are content to walk down asphalt paths along cement river banks to look at cultured trees or planted flowers.  Their understanding of nature is either one of a sanitarized, spider-free display, or something to be watched on TV.

A running joke from my former job in a conversation school:

“You know you’ve been here too long when… Nature is a CONCRETE concept!”

Yet, even within the suburban sprawl, there are facinating pockets of plants and animals that go overlooked.  That’s where this blog comes in.  Let me introduce you to some of the wildlife (and some introduced species too) that inhabit my neck of the woods.

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2 Responses to Get Wild!

  1. wildinjapan says:

    Thanks for your comment.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t had many run-ins with anything large and dangerous, barring my students, but will find stuff to write on.
    Actually, I’m not too knowledgeble on plants, but wish I was.

  2. GOAT 山羊 says:

    Andrew, let me the first of hopefully many commenters. Looking forward to lots of tanuki, kuma and mamushi stories, but especially your plant ones as I know so little about their Japanese or English names. But be careful out there! Nature is very dangerous!

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